The basic warranty for a period of 1 year from date of shipment from Scuba Breather Inc. will be that each Scubabreather dive unit will be: 
Free from any defects in material or workmanship, or malfunction

Scuba Breather Inc. warranty of the SCUBA Breather does not cover: 
- Obvious physical abuse
- Pulled out hoses and fittings from tripping over the unit
- Altering/modifying the compressor, pressure switch, or the regulator in any way
- Overheating of the unit by leaving the swing-open lid closed
- Damage to the unit caused by letting the unit fall into water, letting it get rained on, or water spray (salt or fresh)
   this also includes damage from corrosion caused by water
- Repairs/adjustments made by an incompetent mechanic.  Service and repair on the SCUBA Breather 
   does not need to be performed by Scuba Breather Inc., but it must be performed by a qualified technician
- Tampering with the electrical controls
- Freeze or mold damage caused by improper storage
- Misapplication

Inverter specific warranty
- hooking the battery cables up in reverse polarity
- water damage

Scuba Breather Inc.'s liability and remedy under this warranty will be to repair or to replace without charge any part(s) which Scuba Breather Inc. determines to be defective within the scope of this warranty. In the event Scubabreather Inc. is unable to repair or replace the defective part(s) within 2 weeks after receipt, Scuba Breather Inc. shall credit the customer with the original purchase price of the entire SCUBA Breather unit.

Warranty Claims
To make a warranty claim, the customer must contact Scubabreather to determine the best course of action, as there may be many options to work with.

Upon receipt of the customers equipment, if there is a defect covered by warranty, Scuba Breather Inc. will correct the defect, perform any necessary testing, and pay for the return shipping. 
If Scuba Breather Inc. determines that the equipment is not covered under the warranty, the customer will be contacted and informed of the situation and any costs associated with a repair, and the customer will responsible for return shipping charges.
Equipment returned for warranty without the proper authorization as stated above will result in the customer having to pay for return shipping.

Scuba Breather Inc. believes our warranty to the best in the industry, and is designed to get a repaired unit back to the customer in the quickest and fairest way possible.  
Your satisfaction with this product is one of our most primary concerns.

We will always work with you on a warranty issue!
SCUBA Breather Warranty
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