Scuba breather underwater breathing apparatus underwater breathing apparatus
The SCUBA Breather, a revolutionary underwater breathing device, includes a high-quality Medical grade breathing air compressor, air storage tanks, all brass and stainless steel construction, and 50 feet of pressure hosing to deliver an unlimited amount of filtered air to a diver through a SCUBA regulator.
The ability to breathe underwater has become easy, safe, and inexpensive! 
Find the ultimate in diving systems right here.
The SCUBA Breather is an underwater breathing device
The Scuba Breather is used for:
- Swimming Pool Repair Companies
- Boat Hull Cleaning Companies
- Park & Recreation Districts who        operate Swimming Pools
- Water Theme Parks
- Special Needs Therapy 
- Sport Diving
"The Scuba Breather is the perfect tool for anyone who works underwater."
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Customer Allan Ponseca using the Scuba Breather in Dubai, Saudi Arabia
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"It's really easy to use!." - Krista
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